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Belgrade Open School – BOS


Belgrade Open School (BOS) is a non-for-profit, educational civil society organisation founded in 1993. BOS contributes to the overall development of the society through additional education and training of agents of social changes, professional support to institutions, research and policy development in order to build a modern society based on democratic values.

Objectives of the organisation: to educate self-reliant, socially engaged and responsible young experts, to modernise the educational process related to university programmes and teaching methods, to promote democratic society and European values, to improve performance and to increase efficiency and capacities of democratic institutions, to advance the professional competence of public administration, to increase transparency and participation in public decision-making processes, to advance the position of minorities and marginalized groups in the society, to promote and strengthen partnerships between the civil society organisations, churches, religious and ethnic communities, public authorities in the fields of intercultural dialogue, tolerance and reconciliation, to strengthen activism in stabilising inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations in the Western Balkans, to promote and enhance smart usage of internet in education, science, social and political activism, business and art, to contribute to institutionalized development of non-formal education, to upgrade the system of higher education in Serbia.

Website: http://www.bos.rs