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University of Tuzla – Law Faculty


Faculty of Law was established in 2004 as a member of the University. Throughout scientific research current theoretical and practical problems are being explored in the field of civil, international, national, crime law and other related disciplines.

Research activities are focused on: interaction of institutions involved in the development of the legal system and the involvement of students and teachers in this process, realization of research projects with industry and local community, in partnership with organizations and/or institutions of civil society, monitoring the objective needs of the society, public and private sectors, encouraging all forms of cooperation and improving communication, starting from team work on the initial level, initiating projects and programs funded through international projects, providing research and advisory services through the cooperation with the local community, providing expert opinion on the application of the provisions of the relevant regulations for them and improve their application, preparation of analyses related to complex legal matters.

Website: http://www.untz.ba