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University of Sarajevo – Faculty of Political Science


Institutional beginnings of higher education are identical to the tradition of Universities in Western Europe. Since the 16th century theology, law and philosophy were studied within the high school of Sufi philosophy.

The modern history of the University of Sarajevo started with the opening of the first secular institutions of higher education before World War II and during the war (The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry in 1940, the School of Medicine in 1944, the Law Faculty and the Teacher Training College in 1946). The Technical Faculty was founded in 1949. On the same year, with the appointment of the first rector, the University of Sarajevo was officially founded.

Department of Political Science is one of 24 members of the University of Sarajevo. It was officially formed in 1961. In the past four and a half decades Faculty has grown into a respectable scientific institution. Faculty of Political Sciences has successfully implemented the reform of teaching and scientific processes based on the standards contained in the Bologna Declaration. Department of Political Science provides a solid foundation for the professional engagement in various government bodies and institutions, enterprises, institutions, culture, education and civil society on one hand, and for continuation of further scientific research on the other hand, at the same or related faculties.

Website: http://www.unsa.ba

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