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University of Montenegro – Faculty of Political Science


The University of Montenegro was founded on 29 April 1974 when three faculties (Faculty of Economics, of Engineering and the Faculty of Law from Titograd), two colleges (Teaching College and Maritime Studies College) and three independent scientific institutes (for History, for Agriculture and for Biological and Medical Research), signed an Agreement on Association into the University in Titograd. A year after it was founded, it changed its name into the University”Veljko Vlahović”, and since 1992 it has its present name. The seat of the University of Montenegro is in Podgorica (www.podgorica.me), the capital of Montenegro, with a population of around 200.000. The University of Montenegro has developed in accordance with the spirit of time and the growing needs of Montenegro.

Department of Political Science was established at the Faculty of Law at the University of Montenegro in 2003. Within the Department of Political Sciences there are four fields of study: Diplomacy and International Relations, Journalism, Political Administration and Social work. This scheme was based on the experience from the region, primarily created on the curriculum of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Sarajevo, and based on comparative experiences from other countries that have this department on their universities. Currently, all enrolled generations study according to the Bologna system.

Website: http://www.ucg.ac.me