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University of Nis – Faculty of Law


The University of Nis was incorporated as an independent level-granting institution on June 15, 1965. Its establishment rounded off an important, in many ways pioneering, period in the more recent history of the town which started in 1960 when the first undergraduate programs commenced in Nis at the three newly formed faculties (Faculty of Law and Economics, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Engineering), under the academic patronage of the University of Belgrade. In the 1960/61 school year, a total number of 3 740 students enrolled in the faculties. The University started its independent life with 234 fulltime teaching staff and 10 500 students. The increase of the student population, the development of new disciplines and the rising needs of the immediate and broader industrial and social environment brought about a reorganization of the existing faculties and foundation of new ones.

The University of Nis is a state-governed educational and research institution. The University of Niš was accredited as an independent public higher-education institution on February 5th, 2009. All its constituent Faculties were also duly accredited in line with the Law on Higher Education. At present, the University comprises 13 faculties. From the foundation until the academic 2010/2011 year, 53 069 students have graduated from our faculties, 1 333 of them are foreign citizens, 2 462  postgraduates acquired their master’s degree and 1 345 candidates defended their doctoral dissertations.

Website: http://www.ni.ac.rs