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The Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration – NISPAcee


NISPAcee is an arena for East – East collaboration through assisting, mediating and facilitating joint research, educational and training programmes and discussions between instructors, civil servants, trainers, public sector managers and politicians. This shall promote both human capacity building and institutional development in public administration through mutual learning and bring about considerable synergetic effects to all member institutions. NISPAcee will foster preferably East – East co-operation, as well as East – West co-operation.

The core of the NISPAcee activities is to promote the development of public administration disciplines and training programmes in post-Communist countries. This means increasing the quality of instruction and research and assisting in school/institute development on international, regional and national levels.

Part of the mission is also to foster the development of civil service human resources by spreading the practices of good professional public management, public policy and governance and assisting in the overall political and economic transition through effective public service. Most important is the creating of conditions for increased professionalism of the civil service especially through the facilitation of contact between government representatives responsible for public service and representatives and consultants from member institutions. In addition to the advantage this will give the countries involved, it will also help strengthen the position of schools and institutes in these regions as well as NISPAcee as an organisation.

Website: http://www.nispa.org