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University of Alicante – VR of R&D and Innovation


The University of Alicante was created in October 1979 on the structure of the Centre of studies University (CEU), which had begun in 1968. Alicante recovered in this Way College suspended in 1834, when closed, after two centuries of existence, its precursor, the University of Orihuela. The University of Orihuela was established by Papal bull in 1545 and kept its doors open for two centuries (1610-1808). The province of Alicante, therefore it has an important University tradition whose heritage wealth gives good account the current school of Santo Domingo, building of the former University of Orihuela, recovered today, thanks to the agreement between the diocese and the University.

The University of Alicante, after almost twenty years of existence, introduces a very important potential for the socio-economic development which is a fourth province in total GDP of Spain. Fifty degrees , more than seventy University departments and units and research groups in areas of social sciences and law, experimental, technology, humanities, education and health sciences, five University research institutes are planning a research activity of the most prestigious in the country.

Our University is the first company in the province of Alicante with more 2,000 workers (teachers and services) and it is a required reference for many companies with which it has contracts for technical assistance, technology transfer, trainees, postgraduate, continuing education etc. It is also a point of reference in international relations: conventions, venues, mobility and exchanges, cooperation between various innovative in various parts of the world projects.

Website: http://www.ua.es