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University of Roehampton – The Department of Social Sciences


The Department of Social Sciences at the University of Roehampton provides undergraduate and post graduate degrees in human rights and the social sciences. It has approximately 750 undergraduate students and over 50 post-graduate students studying human rights, sociology and criminology. It is also home to two international research centres. The Crucible Centre for Human Rights Research is an international multi-disciplinary research centre focusing on human rights and social justice. It is lead partner on two EACEA Tempus Projects: Service Learning and Civic Engagement in Jordan and Lebanon and Human Rights Education in the Western Balkans, and focuses its research on four principal themes: 1) human rights education, 2) the sociology of war, genocide and global conflict and studies in post conflict reconstruction and reconciliation, 3) globalisation, social theory and the sociology of human rights and 4) gender violence, hate crime, and victims’ and prisoners’ rights. Crucible also has significant geographical expertise focused on the Western Balkans and EU. The Centre for Migration and Multiculturalism (CROMM) is a multidisciplinary research centre with an international reputation in the field of migration, multiculturalism and social and political change. The Centre has just completed collaborating on a major EU Leonardo Project on labour markets and migration. Members of Crucible and Cromm include internationally recognized scholars with specialist expertise in human rights, social and public policy, media and human rights, gender violence, post-conflict reconstruction and genocide, civil society, NGO management and business, EU human rights migration, foreign and security policy, and green economics. Staff at the University of Roehampton also has considerable experience in delivering training and educational development programmes across diverse sectors including business, civil society, public institutions and academia. Staff from the Crucible Centre for Human Rights Research, alongside colleagues in the department of Social Sciences from Centre for Research on Migration and Multiculturalism and the Social Governance Research Group has established relationships with a wide range of UK national and international policy networks. Applied research has informed and shaped policy and practice, supported capacity building and knowledge exchange projects by informing and shaping practice. In addition opportunities for policy innovation and development have been created and helped to underpin new policy instruments.

Website: http://www.roehampton.ac.uk